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Original painting works by lesouls

Acrylic on wood panel,With solid wooden frame ,43cm X 54cm,2023

With a power adapter, parameters: input voltage 110-240V ~ 0.6A 50/60Hz. Output voltage 5V-2A.

The video is shot without editing, and the music comes with the painting. Paintings with speakers. The volume can be adjusted by itself, and the built -in music can be replaced by itself (music must be named 00001 in MP3 format).

The flame does not need to be burned to the painting board. The flames only need to be close to the painting board to trigger, and the trigger rate is 98%. The flame must be close to the bonfire position of the screen to trigger. Do not trigger the windproof lighter. Please use ordinary kerosene lighter or ignition of firemarks.

Signed and dated are on the back and bottom right

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